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        We warmly welcome you to the official website of Changzhou Rui Fu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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        Integration of manufacturing and Internet promotes upgrading and upgrading of "made in China"

        Key word:Integration of manufacturing and Internet promotes upgrading and upgrading of "made in China" 

        Recently, the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Manufacturing and Internet, which is a very important document. The opinion points out that the manufacturing industry is the main battleground of Internet +, and defines the key direction and far-reaching significance of Internet + action.

        The Internet is a new infrastructure for contemporary economic and social development, just like the power network in the process of industrial society electrification in the twentieth century, all economic and social activities will be transferred to the network. The Internet is also the key technology of social informatization. It has the characteristics of bringing together all kinds of wisdom and enhancing intelligence and becoming an innovation element leading the economic and social development. Therefore, Internet + can cover the whole society and the whole field, and promote the transformation and progress of all walks of life. Although the Internet and not all problems can be solved, the historical role of driving innovation and leading development can not be questioned.

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